Circulation Student Employment Agreement

This form helps us keep our contact information up to date.  In addition, it serves as a reminder of your responsibilities as an employee of LIS.

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LIBRARY CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT As a student employee of the Middlebury College Libraries, I understand that in the course of performing my job responsibilities I will have access to information and will view information that is of a confidential nature. I understand that under no circumstances will I share this information. Furthermore, I will use this information only as is necessary to perform my job and will not use this information for any other reason. I understand that confidentiality includes, but is not limited to: the number and titles of all books a patron has on their record; contact information of patrons; internal library system notes about a patron’s borrower status or fines they owe; titles of books patrons have on hold or have recalled. I understand that a patron only has access to the above information about themselves, not about any other patrons. I also understand that if it is determined that I have used such information for another purpose, other than that of performing my job, I will be immediately dismissed from my position and that I may be subject to disciplinary action.
Working at Circulation is a privilege. You are hired to work for a semester. If you meet the expectations outlined below, you will be invited back the following semester. Do not assume that once you get this job, you have it for the rest of your time at Middlebury. We know that our expectations are high, but so is the interest in working for Circulation Services. Please read the employment policies for Circulation here:
If you have any suggestions or comments about working for Circulation, please include them here.

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