Application for Proxy Borrower Card


Proxy Borrowers are student research assistants, staff, or TA's designated by faculty members to check out library materials on behalf of that faculty member or department/group.

  • Faculty are responsible for all material checked out on this proxy card
  • All materials on this proxy card are subject to recall.
  • All materials checked out on this account must be returned by the end of the proxy contract.  Any materials left on this account will be automatically transferred to the faculty member's account.
  • Proxy cards may be used by many faculty or by a department, but ultimate responsibility for the items rests solely with the faculty member listed below
  • ILL requests must be made through the faculty member's Illiad account, or through a single Proxy Illiad account in the faculty's name (ILL FAQs)
  • DVDs or equipment that are booked by a faculty member ARE NOT allowed to be picked up by the proxy.  If the proxy will be picking up the film or equipment, then the original booking should be made under that proxy account.
  • Items requested via the faculty member's personal ILL or NExpress account may NOT be checked out with proxy cards
  • To view checked out items in My MIDCAT, use the primary faculty name and the barcode number located on the proxy card
  • Printing: When a student works for a department and that work requires printing, they can use a department’s generic account for printing so pages won’t be charged to their personal quota. Departments can confirm generic account information with the Technology Helpdesk. If the department does not have a generic account, the creation of one can be requested through the Technology Helpdesk.
I have read and understand the policies listed above.

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