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In 2007 Middlebury launched a digital repository of student work.

Please complete the information below (fields marked with red asterisks are required), and upload a file of your work to be added to Scholarship at Middlebury (go/scholarship).

As of the end of the 2018/19 academic year, the College Archives no longer accessions undergraduate theses in any format. The College Archives will accession DML (graduate) theses in all formats submitted by the Language Schools, and undergraduate projects in all formats submitted by departments and upon review.

Basic information
Example: Winter 2015
If possible, include a 1-3 sentence summary of your work.
Include words that might help users find your work when they do a search of the digital repository.
Submission agreement
  1. I understand that as author of the above-named work, I hold original copyright to the work, including the right to use, reproduce, distribute, update, create derivatives, and make copies of the work (digitally or in print).
  2. I hereby grant Middlebury College permission to store and make available digitally online a copy of this work and related materials for distribution via the Internet in perpetuity.
  3. I understand that the copy of the original work will be posted as submitted, upon conversion to PDF format, unless I request otherwise or submit a revision.
  4. I grant Middlebury College the right to use, reproduce, distribute, and make digital or printed copies of the work – with attribution of my authorship – in connection with digital repositories, teaching, and scholarly activities conducted at Middlebury College.
  5. I may request, in writing, the work to be removed from online access, and that Middlebury College shall do so within one month of receipt of such a request upon systems in its control. I understand that various indexing & search services (such as Google) may make and cache a copy of the thesis, or the work may be downloaded and saved by other parties, making it difficult or impossible to remove completely, since said copies are not controlled by Middlebury College.
  6. The academic department that supervised my work is in agreement that this work may be posted as described.

By checking I AGREE, you are giving consent for Middlebury College to record, retain, and distribute your work under the terms selected above. You are indicating your agreement to create and sign this electronic record in accordance with Chapter 20 of Title 9 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated.

Attach file
Name your file "thesis," "seniorwork," "poster," followed by the year and your last name: e.g., thesis2010jones.
To upload your file, click the "Choose file" button.
Files must be less than 48.83 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx avi mov mp3.

Having trouble?
If you're having trouble uploading a large file, use this tool to email your file to

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