Office Move - Faculty

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the office move policy.

Section 1

This section should be completed for all faculty office moves. It may be completed by the occupant or department coordinator. A confirmation for this online form will go to both the coordinator and the faculty member moving.

Department of person moving
Name of Coordinator
An automatic response will be sent to this email and the faculty member's email.
Extension of Coordinator
ID number of person moving
First name of person moving
Last Name of person moving
Extension of person moving

New hires should not be arriving before August 15th. Those who are leaving the college or "on leave-away" need to vacate their offices by June 30th.

Office Information
Moving out of this room
Moving into this room

Summer Faculty moves start on July 1st. Thad Stowe ( @ #5457 will confirm the actual move date. If you provide a date which is convenient for your move, every attempt will be made to plan your move on that date.

Proposed date of office move
To help us contact you, please provide Summer dates you may be away.
Facilities Services Information
List keys needed, if any
Your name, as it should appear on the nameplate
Number of boxes to be moved on day of move

Standard furniture (desk, computer table, visitor's chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, trash and small recycling cans) should not be moved from your current office. Your new office will have similar items. Your desk chair will move with you.
Moving personal items is the responsibility of the owner. If personal items are boxed and then damaged while transported, then Facilities Services is not responsible.

Please do not include any of the items listed above.
Number of moving boxes needed, if any
When would you like moving boxes and tape delivered
ITS-Computer/Printer Information

Computer needs for new faculty are handled by ITS and Old Chapel. 

NOTE: If you have not received an ergonomic evaluation of your office or would like to have another due to your move, please contact Jesse ( for an appointment.

Section 2

This section is for anyone going on leave, off campus or leaving the College.

Forwarding Address
When leaving Middlebury College inform your coordinator of your forwarding address. The mail center only forwards student mail.

Section 3

College-owned computing equipment (including printers and speakers) and software must remain at the College. Please copy and take any personal data files with you as all files will be removed and computers will be re-allocated to others on campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at extension 2200.

Return of College Resources
When leaving Middlebury College, you must return your computer equipment to ITS Helpdesk or work with your coordinator to have it picked-up.

Facilities Services

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