Staff Recognition

ITS strives to realize general excellence in delivering the highest quality of IT services. We encourage our customers, partners and ITS co-workers to recognize exceptional achievement by ITS staff.  Such exceptional achievement could be the result of:

  • Outstanding innovation in the development of a new service or enhancement of an existing service, or in achieving a substantial increase in efficiency, or mitigation of risk.
  • Successful completion of a major objective that directly and clearly advances our Mission, Vision or Values.  Especially if in achieving such a major objective, the individual demonstrated remarkable leadership. This recognition could also go to a group of ITS staff who worked together to attain a significant milestone.
  • Work performance above and beyond the call of duty, delivering consistently excellent results, or an extraordinarily effective response to a crisis.

We invite your to submit a name or group of names of ITS staff that you believe merit recognition consistent with the above criteria.  Each quarter ITS managers will review, discuss and decide if nominations meet the threshold for exceptional achievement and if so recognize those individuals at our next ITS all staff meeting.  Note for each quarterly meeting there may be any number of achievement awards or none at all.

Leave blank if you wish this to be anonymous.