We take seriously all reports of possible violations of Middlebury College’s health policies, and all students and employees are subject to our COVID-19 Conduct Policy and Disciplinary Process.


Middlebury is committed to working toward racial equality and to preventing profiling of underrepresented populations. As such, we will not investigate reports that identify individuals solely or primarily by race, ethnicity, religion, or (presumed) language. Moreover, complaints lacking sufficient information may not be investigated.


We will follow up on all reports of Middlebury College students or employees who are identified by a name or address where the behavior occurred. We have received reports targeting individuals who, upon review, are not students or employees of Middlebury and such reports will be dismissed. Please note that students who are living in Vermont but are not currently enrolled for on-campus learning or who are on leave are not subject to Middlebury’s campus quarantine requirements, rather, they are subject to the quarantine requirements as outlined in the Health Pledge applicable to those students. (These requirements meet or exceed Vermont’s current quarantine rules). Once they have completed their quarantine after travel/arrival, they are permitted to be anywhere in Vermont just as any other Vermont resident would be. A number of these students have been living in the area since the spring/early summer.


Please note: Matters of student or employee discipline are confidential. Submissions are not monitored in real time. If you are reporting a situation that needs immediate attention, please contact Public Safety at (802) 443-5911.

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