InSite and Self Reliance

Apply to Live in Self-Reliance or InSite

Live in a Solar Decathlon house! Each year, groups of 2 students (InSite) or 3 students (Self-Reliance) live in the Solar Decathlon houses, learn about sustainable living, and share their knowledge with the greater Middlebury community. Leadership, scholarship, and outreach are central to the mission. 

For Self Reliance only, one of the three residents may live in the house for one semester rather than the whole year IF the two other residents will be living in the house for the whole year AND you apply with a fourth student to fill the space.

Residents will have the opportunity to learn about the mechanical workings of Self-Reliance and InSite. They will be responsible for responding to inquiries to

Questions? Email

Application Deadlines

Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are due on Sunday, May 2nd 2021.

**UPDATE FOR 2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR: We are only accepting applications for Self Reliance for this coming year. We are hopeful that Self Reliance will be available for student housing but in the unlikely event that it is needed for Covid-related isolation housing, Res Life will work with residents to find another option.**

Residents are selected by the faculty and staff advisors. Before submitting the application below, please read the Solar Decathlon Housing Plan for important guidelines for living in both houses (this year, only Self Reliance).


For example: What groups are you involved with on campus and what types of commitments do you have?