Party Registration Form - Social Houses and Ridgeline Woods

Social House and the houses in the Ridgeline have been approved as party venues. Each of these houses has the ability to host social events for their members and guests. It is also possible for student groups and students living in other residence halls on campus  to collaborate with the house leadership and host a party at the Social House or a house in Rideline  It is essential that you contact the leadership of the house well in advance to receive permission and to work with the residents to ensure a successful event.

The deadline to submit the form is Friday at noon. Please give yourself enough time in advance to review the process, make the necessary contacts and submit the form.  

  • Host must live in College housing and be 21 years or older.
  • House leaders must agree that the party can be hosted at the house.
  • For parties with up to 100 guests the host must have attended a DPS Party Host workshop.
  • For parties with between 101 and 200 guests the host and bartenders must have attended a Party Host workshop and TIPS or DLC training.
  • Parties cannot exceed 200 even if the combination of space within the house can hold more than 200 people. 
  • Parties may be up to five (5) hours in length.  
    The house leaders must agree to the time.
  • Hosts are responsible for cleaning up after the event and 
    for any damages that may occur in and around the party space 

Ridgeline Woods Area: 
Parties at Brackett, Palmer or Brooker can be held between the hours of 5 pm Friday and 3 am Saturday or between 12 pm Saturday and 3 am Sunday.

  • Brackett (Tavern)  Contact: Avery Lopez
  • Brooker  - Contact: Amanda Kirkeby
  • Palmer House- Contact: Jack Dalton
  • Prescott House (Chromatic) - Contact: Lizzy Vinton 

Town Adjacent Area:
The Mill is adjacent to town and can only be host parties between the hours of 5 pm Friday and 1 am Saturday or between 12 pm on Saturday and 1 am on Sunday. 

  • Mill - Contact: Mateo Games

Please list the name of the organization responsible for hosting the party. Should the event be a private party without a connection to a student organization or athletics team please list Student Private Party.
These houses have been approved as party locations. As such it is possible, with the permission of the house leadership for both residents and non-residents to host a party in the house. Please note that an email will be sent to the leadership of the house to confirm that permission has been granted.
Please list the number of people you anticipate attending. This number may not exceed the capacity of the space. Please remember that these capacities are based on an empty room. Any furniture including tables and band set ups will reduce the capacity of the space and thus the number of guests you may have. If you have questions about this number please contact Residential Life. Note: DLC training is required for Social Hosts and bartenders at any function with over 100 guests. Maximum Party Capacities of each House: Brackett: 200 Full House - 100 Basement, 100 First Floor Lounge, 50 Second Floor Lounge Brooker: 200 Full House - 100 Basement, 50 First Floor Lounge, 75 Second Floor Lounge Mill: 200 Full House - 175 Basement, 100 First Floor Lounges Palmer: 125 Basement Prescott: 200 Full House - 100 Basement, 75 First Floor Lounge, 25 Second Floor Lounge
Parties may be registered on Friday or Saturday's throughout the academic year. Parties are not permitted during College break periods.
Please list the primary type of alcohol you will be serving at your function. If you are serving more than one form of alcohol please use the Type of Alcohol - Other box to specify. If this is a substance-free event please select that option. Middlebury College alcohol beverage and party regulations take into account location and state law and a concern for the health and welfare of the College community and its neighbors. These regulations are intended to encourage responsible decision-making and behavior. Dangerous drinking activities will result in disciplinary proceedings. The equivalent of one standard drink per hour is used to determine the amounts of alcohol served at Middlebury College events. One standard drink = 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine. Hard alcohol may not be served except at the Mill.
Maximum alcohol amounts in kegs of beer (equivalents may be found on the Party Registration page. Please note that the number of guests and party length will affect this number. Example: 25 people for five hours: 1/2 keg of beer, or 82 (eighty-two) 12 oz. cans of beer, or 12 (twelve) 750 ml bottles of wine 50 people for five hours: 1 keg of beer, or 164 (one hundred sixty four) 12 oz. cans of beer, or 24 (twenty four) 750 ml bottles of wine