Student Activities Interdepartmental Collaboration Form

You've been asked to complete this form because a student has informed SAO staff that you have agreed to co-sponsor a student-initiated event. The information requested below will help us ensure this collaboration goes smoothly.

We'll use this for any follow up communications.
In what department do you work?
Phone Extension
Please tell us what event you intend your funding to support.
Please enter the name of the student and student organization (if applicable) with whom you've been working on this event.
How much funding have you agreed to provide?
What is the EDORDA string that the funding be taken from?
Do you have budget admin authority for this index? If not, who does?
Do you give permission for SAO staff to move this funding to our collaborative events index? This is helpful because we use this index to collect co-sponsor funds in a single place to simplify oversight and reconciliation.
Is there anything else we should know about your co-sponsorship of this event? Any restrictions you'd like to place on the manner in which your funding will be used?