Summer Cohort Internship Program Self-Evaluation

Thank you for completing this evaluation and reflection.  

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Feel free to select if part of a statement is true for you.
Personal Reflection
Please answer each question thoroughly and thoughtfully.
One of the best ways to capture your experience is to express your gratitude to the donor who helped to make it possible. Use the template found here. Save as "Yourlastname donor thank you.doc"
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Please provide your two favorite digital photos that reflect your internship/project/locale (you must be in at least one of them!). Photos need to be high resolution and therefore should be original photos and not copies from social media. Please upload in large or original-sized format.

For instructions on how to resize your photos, visit these pages from

Resizing images on a PC

Resizing images on an Apple Macintosh

Please include captions for your two photos. For example: Photo caption #1: Sheila Jones bands baby sea turtles on the coast of Guatemala.
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Files must be less than 30 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Assessment of the Internship
Cohort Experience
The following questions relate to your experience participating in a Middlebury summer cohort program, in which you lived, learned, and/or worked with your peers as a major component of your funded experience. It is very important for us to assess the impact of those programs. Please provide as much information and detail as you can.
Learning Growth Value
Please rank the four components below by how significant that component was to your learning and growth this summer, from most to least valuable:

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