Academic Sponsor Approval Form

To be completed by the Academic Sponsor

Winter Term Application for Internship Credit

Please note that students are required to show you a copy of their personal statement/cover letter and internship description for your review before you complete this form.  Click here to see the personal statement prompt.

By serving as the academic sponsor, you are agreeing that you will advise the student during the internship and that the internship provides a worthwhile opportunity for the application of liberal arts learning.  Prior to approval of this internship, you and the student will create a list of scholarly sources to frame the internship experience and develop a plan for the academic work that will express the student’s thoughtful reflection on the internship and its connections to their learning.  This academic work, which will be presented to you after the internship, will be the basis upon which you will determine whether the student earns credit for the internship. After discussing the experience and on the basis of the student's written work, the Academic Sponsor will submit a recommendation of "credit" or "no credit" to the Center for Careers & Internships.

* Please feel free to contact either Cheryl Whitney Lower at x5798 or by e-mail or Suzanne Gurland at x5323 or by e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.

Items to Submit
In order to receive credit for this Winter Term Internship the student is required to submit (check one)
I have reviewed the internship description, read the student’s personal statement, and discussed the internship experience with this student. In addition, I have provided input on the learning objectives and scholarly citations that the student will use in the final work to link learning to the experience. I understand that by signing this form, I am taking responsibility for approving the credit-worthiness of this experience and the liberal arts learning that will be associated with the experience. For any questions regarding this approval, please contact Emily Proctor, Interim Dean of Curriculum and Chair of the Curriculum Committee at or x5954.

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