Fieldwork Enrollment Application for Middlebury College Students

Request for Enrollment in MIIS Fieldwork: IPMG8650-M (for Middlebury undergraduates)

The IPMG8650-M Fieldwork course allows students to apply their classroom learning in an organizational or employment setting.  The course provides opportunities for students to pursue fieldwork relevant to their program of study or major.  Prior to the course, students arrange for their own internship or fieldwork, which they then undertake at the same time they are enrolled in the course. Students will learn both from the projects and challenges posed by the organization hosting their internship or fieldwork experience, and through explicit reflection on the experience through regular field reports and a final reflection piece linking the overall experience to aspects of their education.

The Fieldwork course is a one credit, no fee course.  Students may not use this course to meet their overall credit requirements for their degree. This course requires students to submit/complete certain academic deliverables. Students are required to submit regular “field reports” discussing various aspects of the internship in relation to their learning goals.  Additionally, students must submit a final “reflection piece” on the overall experience.  This reflection paper will incorporate self-identified gaps in learning and plans to develop specific skills or knowledge areas in the future—through coursework or other applied experiences.

Notes for U.S. citizens and U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: Students may pursue internship opportunities where the employer requires that they receive academic credit for the experience. In such cases, the student must submit to a letter from the employer that states the requirement for interns to receive academic credit. Once reviewed to determine that the internship is directly tied to their field of study, that the employer requires that the student receive academic credit, and that no other academic options are suitable, then the student may be approved to take the Fieldwork course.

Notes for International Students in F-1 status: This course satisfies the credit-bearing course requirement for eligibility for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization, as long as the experience relates to the student’s field of study, and the student meets all other eligibility criteria.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) can approve CPT for a specific timeframe within the duration of the term dates.  Students are not eligible to engage in the internship or work beyond the approved timeframe. If the employer wishes to extend the duration of the internship, the student must apply for and be approved for each additional period. 

**Important Note Before Starting your Application**

You will be required to upload two documents into this application:

  1. An offer letter from the organization sponsoring your internship. Please contact your internship sponsor in advance of completing this application if you do not already have an offer letter with the required information. Find a template for this letter here.
  2. A 500 word Statement of Purpose which directly addresses the following: 
    • With what organization do you wish to intern and where is it located?
    • What are your anticipated responsibilities?
    • What are you learning objectives (please list at least three)?
    • What is your academic major?  How does this experience relate to your major field of study?
    • How does the internship connect academic goals and background (list relevant courses)?
    • How does this internship connect with your career and/or life goals?
    • Why do you want to pursue this experience?
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