KNAC Student Research Symposium 2019 Survey

This survey is for attendees of the KNAC Student Research Symposium 2019 on October 4-5 at Vassar College. Thanks for attending and for your feedback!

The deadline for submitting this survey is Friday, November 1.

How many, if any, previous KNAC Symposia have you attended?
Did you present at this year's KNAC Symposium?
Which lunchtime breakout session, if any, did you attend?
What did you find particularly valuable, successful, or enjoyable about this year's KNAC Symposium?
Do you have any suggestions about what you would like to see changed, added, or omitted in future years at KNAC Symposia?
Did you find the lunchtime breakout session valuable and what other subjects, if any, should be covered in lunchtime breakout sessions at future KNAC Symposia?
Other comments about the KNAC Symposium are welcome, but not expected.