KNAC Student Research Symposium 2018

This form is for uploading presentations to be given during the KNAC Student Research Symposium 2018 to be held on 2018 September 28-29 at Middlebury College. Please see the main symposium home page for more information.

Detailed information: Please see the Submit page.

Deadline: Please upload your presentation file by September 27 before you depart for the symposium.

Questions: Please use the Contact page for questions regarding this form and uploads, or contact the form admin directly.

advice on name pronunciation is welcome (example: KNAC = kay-nak)
please include name(s) and institution(s) for group presentations
talk presenters should upload all slides for full talk, poster presenters should upload single slide for very brief introduction, please use the filename format FirstnameLastname-talk.ppt[x], FirstnameLastname-poster.ppt[x], etc.
Files must be less than 150 MB.
Allowed file types: ppt pptx.