Request for Consultation

Please use this form to request assistance with:

  • a consultation to discuss ideas for an academic technology use
  • teaching a workshop on a piece of software
  • assisting with a course web site
  • assisting with a digital media student project
  • assisting with a digital media faculty project

This will help us to collect the information we need prior to our meeting. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to class sessions.

If you need help with a technical issue or problem, please submit a ticket via the helpdesk.

An academic technologist will be in touch with you via email within a day of receiving your request form to set up a follow-up meeting.

Please describe your request including as many details as possible. If you are requesting a software training session, or assistance with a student digital media project be sure to include your learning goals for the assignment.
Please enter a time frame for this request. For example, if you are requesting assistance with a class training session include the time range when you would like to offer the class. Please be sure to submit your request at least two weeks prior to when you will require assistance to allow for adequate planning time.
Use this field to include any additional information that would help us to support your request. (For example, if you would like us to include your library liaison when we meet to discuss your request.)