ID Card Replacement Info & Photo Submission Form

The photo submission form is for students, faculty, staff and dependents.  Before submitting your photo, please read the information below regarding your College affiliation.  

The on-line submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Our Guidelines for photo submissions can be found here.

New Students (First years, transfers or students attending a Middlebury program for the first time):

Students arriving at Middlebury for the first time (for either the academic year, Language Schools or School of the Environment) must submit a new photo so that ID cards can be processed prior to arrival on campus.  Academic year students attending a Language School or School of the Environment, CANNOT use their academic year ID Card and must submit a NEW photo.

Due to the time it takes to process ID cards, photos need to be submitted 72 hours ahead of your arrival center date. 

Replacement Card (student card)

If you need to purchase a replacement student ID Card, the purchase must be completed on the Public Safety Store Front.  Report your original card lost or stolen to Public Safety at 802.443.5133.

Returning Students:

Students returning to Middlebury (for either the academic year or the same Middlebury summer program as a previous year) are required to bring their ID card with them.  The ID Card will be reactivated and ready for use on your approved arrival date.  (See your Banner housing module for the approved date of arrival.)

Students returning for a Middlebury school or program other than one previously attended will need to submit a new photo and have a new ID Card printed prior to arrival.  Please view the "New Students" section above and view the FAQ before uploading a photo.

For More information on ID Cards, please refer to the Student and/or Language School Handbook.

Bread Loaf Faculty, Staff, & Students (Vermont)

Bread Loaf ID cards do not contain a photo.  

Faculty, Staff and Summer Programs Faculty & Dependents

If you are coming to Middlebury for the first time, you must upload a photo prior to your arrival so ID cards can be printed and ready in advance.  Please read the Photos FAQ for information on uploading a photo for your ID card.

Summer programs: Dependents 16 and older can obtain a photo ID card in the summer.

Replacement ID card:  to obtain a replacement ID Card, submit a new photo so Public Safety can process the card and have it ready during the next business day.  There is no charge.

For information on ID Cards (including dependents under the age of 16), please see the Language school and/or Faculty/Staff Handbook.

ID Number:

If you need your ID number, please contact:

  • Language School Admissions office  -  for Summer Language Programs
  • Orientation team  -  for Academic year.
  • Bread Loaf  (these ID cards do not include a photo).
  • School of the Environment Coordinator  -  for Summer School of the Environment Programs.
  • Human Resources  -  Faculty and Staff

Important Notes (For New Students, Faculty and Staff):

If you submit a photo in the correct file format and within the size limit (see below), your submission will receive a confimation email.   The email will come from  "Middlebury <>" and will have the title:  Middlebury submission form.

Add to your E-Mail "whitelist/safelist" so that your spam filter does not pick up the confirmation e-mail. - Do not send e-mail or photos to this address.

Double-Check the email you provide in the form.   Use your Middlebury e-mail account when possible.

Photo Submission Form

We do not need the zeros. Please list the whole numbers of your ID Number (i.e. 00987654 - list 987654)
Guidelines for your photo. *You should be the subject of the photo, not the area where the photo was taken * Photo should be taken a distance no greater than 10 feet from your face. * All ID Photos MUST be 2 MB or less in size *Photos Must be of only yourself - No group photos *Photos must have ample space around your head so we can crop them to fit. - *Do not crop yourself out of a group photo *Photos cannot include hats or sunglasses (however cultural attire is acceptable)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp.
Complete this box if you are bringing back an ID card. Leave it blank if you are submitting a request for a new ID card.
For students only: Please select the appropriate School or Commons. Please note the differences between academic year and Summer Programs. DML Students enrolled in a program should choose their Primary Language.
For undergraduate students only: List your class year.
For students only: If your Commons (or individual Summer Programs) chooses to create a "New Faces" book, they may use the photos submitted through this online form. To opt in or out of the new faces book, select the appropriate option below.