ID Photo Submission & ID Card Reactivation

New Students (First years, transfers or students attending a Middlebury program for the first time):

Students arriving at Middlebury for the first time (for either academic year, Language Schools, School of the Environment) must submit a new photo so that ID cards are processed prior to arrival on campus.  Academic year students attending a Language School or School of the Environment, CANNOT use their academic year ID Card and must submit a NEW photo.

Returning Students:

Students returning to Middlebury (for either academic year or the same Middlebury summer program as a previous year) are required to bring back their ID card with them.  Cards currently in the access system can be reactivated through the below link and should be ready for use as of your approved arrival date.

Students returning to a Middlebury school or program other than one previously attended will need to submit a new photo and have a new ID Card printed prior to arrival.  Please view the "New Students" section above and view the FAQ before uploading a photo.

Students needing a replacement card for any Middlebury program previously attended will need to purchase a new card from the department of Public Safety.  Photos can be submitted ahead of time using one of the "Upload Photo" links below.

For More information on ID Cards, please refer the Student and/or Language School Handbook.

Bread Loaf Faculty, Staff, & Students (Vermont)

Bread Loaf students, faculty & staff are encouraged to bring back their IDs from previous years if returning to the Vermont Campus in order to cut down on the number of unnecessary duplicate cards that are produced.  Use the online form below in order to let us know whether you will be bringing your Bread Loaf ID from a previous year with you or if you need a new ID card.

Summer Programs Faculty & Dependents

Language School or School of the Environment Faculty & Dependents (age 16 and above) coming to Middlebury for the first time must upload a photo prior to their arrival so that ID cards are printed and ready for check-in.  Please read the Photos FAQ for information on uploading a photo for your ID card.

Returning Language School and School of the Environment Faculty & Dependents (age 16 and above) are strongly urged to bring back their ID Card from previous years and submit the number on the back of their card prior to arrival.  This will help reduce college costs as well as make sure that the card in your possession is ready for use upon arrival.

Faculty & Staff should be sure that Dependent ID numbers are used when submitting photos or reactivating a card for dependents (do not use your own).

Faculty & Dependents (age 16 and above) requiring a replacement ID card should submit a new photo prior to their arrival so that a new card can be produced prior to check-in.  Please contact your respective school to obtain your ID number.

For information on ID Cards (including dependents under the age of 16), please see the Language school Faculty/Staff Handbook.

ID Number:

If you need your ID number, please contact:

  • - Language School Admissions office for Summer Language Programs
  • - Orientation team for Academic year.
  • - Bread Loaf Admissions for Summer Bread Loaf programs.
  • -School of the Environment Admissions for Summer School of the      Environment Programs.

Important Notes (For New Stu/Fac/Staff):

Add to your E-Mail "whitelist/safelist" so that your spam filter does not pick up the confirmation e-mail. - Do not send e-mail or photos to this address.

Double-Check your e-mail address when entering it to ensure that your e-mail isn't sent to the wrong e-mail address.  Use your Middlebury account when possible.

6 digit ID Number (i.e. 00987654)
Please be sure the files are 1MB or less
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp.
030 AWID34
If you would like to purchase a replacement you need to do the following: Submit a new photograph. Purchase a replacement card via the Public Safety Store Front.
If your Commons (or individual Summer Programs) chooses to create a "New Faces" book, they may use the photos submitted through this online form. To opt in or out of the new faces book, select the appropriate option below.