Medical & ADA Permits

This page is to be used by Health Services, ADA Office, & Human Resources Staff members to notify Public Safety that specialty parking permits needs to be issued. The form can also be used to notify DPS that a student's card needs ADA Access privileges.

Please note which permits can be issued by your respective department.

In order to complete the form, you will need the recipient's ID number, full name, and email address. You will also need to specify the length of time the person needs the permit.

The request is sent to the Department of Public Safety. A copy of this request will be sent to:

  • The department selected below (submitting the request)
  • The staff member submitting the request
  • The individual needing parking accommodation (Note: the individual's e-mail address must be entered)

Medical Permits - Authorizes parking in faculty/staff unrestricted lots. - To be used by Health Services (for students).

Handicapped - Authorizes parking in all handicapped parking spaces on campus (does not include town roads such as College St. or Storrs Ave) - To be used by the ADA Office(for students) or Human Resources (for faculty/staff)

Special Permit - To be used for permits requiring unique circumstances where facilities services may need to be involved. (such as a temporary handicapped parking spot must be created) - These permits may take time or additional communication.

Selecting yes auto doors are needed will authorize the user to obtain ADA access in specified locations. After ADA access is added by public safety. ADA doors will automatically open when using an ID card if access is authorized. The following are auto-opening locations. Allen Hall, Atwater Hall A & B, Carr Hall, Davis Family Library, Forest Hall, Gifford Hall, Le Chateau Hall, Meeker, Munford, Proctor Bookstore, Laforce, Starr Axinn & Stewart