Summer Employment Agreement


This form is required for any and all work performed for Middlebury College between May 20, 2020 and September 13, 2020. 

Submission Deadline:  Wednesday April 22nd  2020

Please read the Summer Student Employee Handbook for details regarding conduct, employment and policies during the summer.


This agreement is required for all student employment positions at Middlebury College during the Summer Employment term, between May 20, 2020 and September 13, 2020. An agreement must be submitted for each position you will hold for Middlebury College. Students that complete the Employment Agreement by the above deadline will be eligible to request on campus housing based upon the employment dates provided. Both the student and supervisor will receive an email copy of this submitted form.

Remote work from International locations as a student employee is not permitted.

Student employees who are receiving compensation from the College that is not exempt from FICA taxation are eligible to join the College's 403(b) retirement plan. See the Universal Availability Notice for additional information.

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Students must have a Blue Card in order to work for Middlebury. A Blue Card signifies completion of the federally required I9 and W4. A Summer Employment Agreement can not be submitted unless you have a Blue Card.
February and May 2020 Middlebury Graduates can NOT work in a student position and may NOT live in student housing. Please visit the staff job opportunities page on the college website for available staff positions.
Remote work from International locations as a student employee is not permitted. Please speak with your supervisor.
If you will be working as a Research Assistant this Summer please be mindful that your Supervisor will need to complete the SRA form from the Undergraduate Research Office by the April deadline. We are unable to process Summer Agreements for Research Assistants without the accompanying SRA form.
Please provide the student position number. This is 6 numbers and begins with a 9. Example 9XXXXX. Summer Research Assistants use position number 900572. If you are unsure please ask the hiring supervisor.
Please provide the average hours you will be working per week. Students cannot work more than 40 hours per week across all positions held on campus. To be eligible for on campus housing students must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.
Summer Employment May begin no earlier than May 20th.
Summer Employment must end by September 12th.
Please provide us with your break begin date and end date.
Submit this form acknowledging the conditions of employment. Note: Housing accommodations are facilitated by Res-Life. Res-Life will be reaching out to Summer student employees later this semester. Please direct questions regarding housing to If you will be requesting summer housing a valid Summer Employment Agreement is required; housing is limited and therefore not guaranteed. It will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students that will be living off campus during the term of their employment are able to purchase a meal plan if they wish. This form can be found on the SEO website under Summer Forms and is due by noon on May 9th. Your student account will be assessed for applicable contracted room and board by the end of May. Payment will be due in full by August 1st. Given that summer student employees are employees of the College as well as students, problematic behavior may be addressed as an employment matter and/or as a student disciplinary matter as appropriate to the situation. The College may also impose disciplinary action to address employment related concerns, which may include a verbal warning, a written warning, and/or termination from employment. Every action need not be taken in each case and the College reserves the right to terminate the at will employment of any employee at any time, with or without cause or notice. If employment is terminated, housing and on campus privileges will be terminated as well. Due to the unique nature of the summer programs, everyone working on the Middlebury campus in the summer is expected to respect the Language Pledge®. All Language Schools students have pledged to speak, hear, read, and write only the language they are studying. We rely on your discretion in using English in places where you are likely to encounter Language School students—particularly in the dining hall, library, fitness center, pool, and other shared facilities. Intentional and/or repeated violations will be considered a conduct violation. Disciplinary actions to address policy violations outside of the context of the summer student employee’s employment may include employment-related discipline as described above, the loss of campus housing and campus privileges, as well as any processes and outcomes designated in the Middlebury College Handbook. On campus summer student employment is a privileges. College policies, including but not limited to those related to community standards, conduct, respect, and residence hall regulations, are fully enforceable during the summer employment period (see Student Life Policies: Supervisors may contact the prospective student employee’s Commons dean for a reference prior to hiring. By checking the box below and submitting the form you are indicating that you acknowledge and agree to the provisions set forth above. It also acknowledges the accuracy of the information you have provided.
Please provide us with your phone number