Student Temporary Employment Pay

Temporay Employment Pay is a method for generating payment for students that perform work that occurs once (Crowd Manager, Musician, Van Driver etc.). Work must be one time only and begin and conclude on the same day. 
If work is more than one time please contact SEO to create an hourly position that is tracked via time card entry.Temporary pay does not allow for hours to be tracked for federal work study and do not count towards the annual wage increase.

Payments generated from Temporary Employment are issued during the regular payroll process. Requests recieved on or after the Thursday before a pay period ends will be processed for the following pay period.

Students must complete an I9 and tax documents via Oracle in order to be compensated.


Hourly Rate can not be less than the Level A base rate (minimum wage)

Van Drivers- Level B on the Student Wage Scale

Crowd Managers-  Level C on the Student Wage Scale

Photographer- Determined by the supervisor using the Student Wage Scale

Videographer-  Determined by the supervisor using the Student Wage Scale

DJ/Musicians- $25 per hour( per musician)

1 Start 2 Work Details 3 Costing 4 Complete