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Student Wage Level Definitions LEVEL A - GENERAL: Includes all entry-level student jobs that do not require previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills. Requires minimum and finite on-the-job training. Examples include: Office Assistants, Library Assistants, Receptionists, Event support, AV Support, IT Support LEVEL B - SKILLED: Includes positions that require a higher level of responsibility and independence. Requires some previous training or experience. Positions may offer extensive onthe-job training or require certification. Students may be responsible for an aspect of a program. Examples include: Web Assistants, Research Assistants, Data Analysts, Digital Media Developers, and Teaching Assistants LEVEL C - SPECIALIST: Requires extensive previous experience, highly specialized skills or on-going training. Position might be responsible for the coordination of an entire program, or the leadership or execution of a significant project. Examples include: Web specialists/developers, program coordinators, project managers, translators, localization managers
Please review the MIIS Student Wage Scale if necessary.
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