New Student Job Request Form

Please submit this form to request a new student job.  The supervisor of the student position will be notified of the position number and level via email once request is approved.

Level will be determined by SEO based on criteria for each level and job responsibilities submitted for position. Please see information under Wage Scale.
Time Entry Approvers can assign another employee as a proxy to approve student time sheets in their absence. Proxies should work in the same department and have an idea of when the student(s) work. Proxies can be staff or student employees. If you would like to assign a proxy now, please enter their name here.
Please enter the INDEX from which the wages should be charged. A position can not be created without this information.
Once this position is created it will be loaded into PeopleAdmin, our applicant tracking system, so students can apply for the job when there is a vacancy. Please indicate the option that best fits your needs. (To post the vacancy, follow the instructions under 'Using PeopleAdmin').
Please list experience desired for this position. (Optional)
Please list knowledge desired for this position. (Optional)
Please list any other attributes specific to the position.

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