Lecture/Event Proposal Form


  • Use this form for single lectures. To submit proposals for symposia and conferences, please email the following to Tamar Mayer and Charlotte Tate: (1) program description, (2) tentative schedule, (3) estimated budget, (4) anticipated funding sources and amounts.
  • This is a "Middlebury only" form, so you will need to log in with your name and password as you do when you log onto your computer.  This automatically populates the name and e-mail boxes.
  • RCGA avoids cosponsoring conflicting events. Before submitting a proposal, please check the College Events Calendar (http://www.middlebury.edu/events/).
  • When choosing a lecture date, please keep in mind regularly scheduled College events such as monthly faculty meetings, midterm recess, and winter carnival. Remember, too, that accommodations can be difficult to secure on Columbus Day weekend, Fall Family Weekend, and at other times when the College is hosting major events.
  • Honoraria have mostly ranged between $500 and $800, with a maximum of $1200. Honoraria may vary if the visitor also visits a class, or renders other services.
  • Rates for some local accommodations: Inn on the Green, rates below include rooms and meals taxes (non-suite accommodations include continental breakfast for one guest, $5 each additional guest.): Nov. 1-May 31, Sun - Thur: $104.50; Fri - Sat: $151.80 including breakfast for one guest--add $5 for additional guest; Suite all nights (up to 4 guests) $185.90, including breakfast for all guests .  June 1-Oct. 31: All nights $151.80; Suite (up to 4 guests) $185.90 including breakfast for all guests. Middlebury Inn (breakfast not included), rates include VT Rooms and Meals Tax: first week in Nov until last week in May, Sun - Thur: Single $121; Double $132;  Fri - Sat: Single $137.50; Double $148.50. June 1 through October the college rate is 15% off the best available rack rate, which changes daily. All rates are subject to change based on occupancy. Rates apply by request only at the time of booking. 
  • Ground transportation: Jessica's Vital Transit, LLC charges $95 including gratuity each way to and from Burlington Airport. Middlebury Transit charges $109.25, which includes 15% gratuity, each way to and from Burlington Airport. Both offer discounts if you allow ride-share with someone else arriving/departing at the same time. Mileage as of 1/1/17 is reimbursed at $.535 per mile.
  • If you expect attendance over 49 people, you will need a "crowd manager" This in accordance with the new College policy, see http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/ehs/policies/Crowdmanager. Training shall be provided through the Environmental, Health & Safety Department on a regular basis as needed. If you will not be acting as crowd manager, and will be hiring a student as CM, please add $11.09/hr to your budget.
  • Form should be fully completed before being submitted.
Your Information
Lecture Information
Please provide a brief biography of the lecturer.
Please provide a brief explanation of the purpose for this lecture.
The conference room in the Robert A. Jones ‘59 House accommodates up to 99 persons, and it is also comfortable for smaller lectures/events. The conference room is generally available for international events weekdays at 4:30 and in the evenings.
For those who might need assistance, we’ve listed some cost estimates in the guidelines above, and RCGA can help you determine costs in the following areas. Please let us know the number of participants you anticipate at events where food will be provided. NOTE: If the lecturer is a U.S. citizen, the coordinator will send the lecturer a W-9 form and Speaker's Contract to be completed. Both must be attached to the honorarium voucher which the coordinator will complete. If the lecturer is NOT a U.S. citizen, the coordinator will forward the speaker's email address to the tax manager who will send the appropriate tax documents to the speaker.
We strongly encourage co-sponsorship of events. For those who might need assistance, RCGA can help determine appropriate potential co-sponsors.