MiddSTART Application Form

When answering these questions, it is important to keep in mind that many people who view your project online will not know you or what your project is about. Help us help you by clearly articulating your objectives and emphasizing why this project is important to you!

DO NOT worry about writing too much. This is your chance to defend your project and share your story with friends, parents, and alumni—all of whom are potential donors.

Are you an international student?

We are excited about your interest in MiddSTART! Please note that engaging in emplyment (including self-employment and some entrepreneurial activities) without proper authorization is considered a violation of F-1 student/J-1 Exchange Visitor status. While many entrepreneurial activities (such as research and business planning) are permissible, activities that directly result in income generation are not allowed without the proper authorization. Middlebury strongly advises all international students to seek independent legal counsel from an immigration attorney to avoid accidentally engaging in unlawful activities. Before continuing with your application, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at isss@middlebury.edu to review work authorization guidelines and learn more about contacting legal counsel.

Name, graduation year, major, hometown, and country
What do you hope to accomplish by undertaking this project? Are you trying to start a business? Solve a local a global issue? Bring something new to campus that would enrich the campus experience for fellow MiddKids?
Assume that I know nothing about your project. This is your elevator speech. Go!
Please outline how you plan to spend funds to support your project.
Why are you interested undertaking this project? What sparked the idea? Have you always wanted to pursue something like it, or is it a newly discovered interest? SHARE YOUR STORY :)
This could include photos or videos and a blog or web site.
If the funding request is different than the project cost, please explain.
All applications must include a photo of the project participant(s) and photos and/or audio or video that demonstrate the project. Upload any photos here and add URLs of audio or video in the space below. ***You must own the copyrights, or have legally obtained the copyrights, to all media you upload.***
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps pict psd tif doc docx odp ods odt pdf ppt pptx rtf txt xls xlsx xml avi mov mp3 ogg wav.
If you have audio or video describing your project, add links to it here.