Middlebury - Office of Advancement Confidentiality Agreement

It is the policy of Middlebury that information regarding alumni, parents, students and other constituents be considered and handled with discretion and confidentiality. As a volunteer of Middlebury, you are required to accept responsibility for maintaining confidentiality regarding any information that may be available to you for purposes of your work and/or fulfillment of assigned tasks.  We require that you submit the form below in acknowledgment of the confidentiality that you are bound by this Policy to uphold.

I agree that I will maintain the utmost and strictest confidentiality with regard to the information that I am exposed to in my interactions on behalf of Middlebury, whether this information be in hardcopy, electronic, audio or visual formats. I understand that should I breach this agreement, I may be subject to punitive measures including termination of my volunteer status at Middlebury.

I have read, understand and will abide by the above policy.