Maison Application


51 Franklin Street

Please note: your application to live in the Maison Française represents your commitment to draw into the house if accepted. If you are selected and decide for whatever reason not to draw into the house, you will not be allowed to participate in regular room draw, but will be housed after all draws have been completed. We hope you understand that this measure, valid for all houses and block draws, is intended to ensure that the house is filled, and that students do not enter several draws, thus depriving other students of an opportunity to get the housing they want. For the same reasons, if you draw into the house you will be expected to honor your signed commitment for the duration of the period you applied for.

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Personal Information
Please select the terms that you are applying for. Please note: selecting the first item assumes all three terms and no other selections are necessary.
I - General Paragraph
Please write 6-10 lines in French or in English, explaining why you would like to live in the Maison Française, and what you think you can contribute.
II - Application
1. What French courses have you taken at Middlebury? Have you lived or studied in a Francophone coutry?
2. Do you expect to spend a semester or a year studying in a foreign country? If so, where?
3. Please list any activities/ organizations in which you participate. What is your level of involvement in each?
4. What francophone activities have you been involved in? (table française, café français, films, excursions, other?)
5. Which French Department professors know you well?
6. What goals do you have for the house? What role do you think the house could/should play on campus and how do you see your role in it?
III - Living Agreement/Expectations
1. Attend regular house meetings 2. Participate in house programs. 3. Make personal contributions to the house program during the academic year. 4. Treat the House and its residents with consideration and respect. 5. Promote and support the house on campus. 6. Commit to the Maison Française for the duration of the period for which you have applied and been accepted.
En choisissant de vivre à la Maison Française, je m'engage formellement à y parler français et à encourager les camarades qui seront mes voisins à respecter ce même engagement, qu'ils auront pris comme moi. Je me rends compte que ma bonne volonté est tout aussi importante que le niveau de mon français, et que je pourrai compter sur l'aide de l’Assistante, du ou de la R.A., et des autres résidents de la Maison. De mon côté, je pourrai aider les camarades moins avancés que moi. Je m'engage aussi à participer pleinement aux activités de la Maison et du cercle francophone. Cet engagement est pris pour la durée de la période pour laquelle j’ai posé ma candidature et ai été accepté(e).