Major Advising Checklist: Environmental Studiesā€”Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment

All ESET majors should use this form as they plan out the timing of their major coursework.

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To review the major requirements and list of cognate courses, click here.

I. Core Courses
These four courses must be completed by the end of the junior year.
II. Cognate Courses: Laboratory Sciences from Approved List
Students doing non-environmental science foci need to take two lab science cognates.
Cognate 1
Cognate 2
III. Focus: 8 or 9 courses depending on senior work
Course 2: ENVS 395 or PHIL 356
Course 3: Introductory level
At least one introductory level course from among RELI 0110, RELI 0120, RELI 0190, PHIL 0150, or any additional 0100 or 0200-level RELI or PHIL course with approval of the advisor
Course 4 - 7
An additional four courses from among PHIL 0205, PHIL 0206, or GEOG 0207, and any 0300-0400-level course in philosophy or religion with approval of the advisor.
At least one semester of independent study related to the focus
At least one semester of independent study related to the focus
IV. Senior Experience
Students must have completed all four core courses before they can enroll in ES 401.
V. Off-campus course substitutions (if applicable)
For students studying off-campus, a total of up to three courses may count toward the major. Courses for the focus need approval from the advisor. Courses for cognates need approval from the director in consultation with other appropriate faculty members. Please list each approved off-campus course counting toward your major requirements. Include course title, the course it is replacing, and the semester it was taken.
Student Information
Rebecca Gould: Heidi Grasswick:
Please use this space to provide any additional information or explanations for your advisor regarding your major requirement plan.

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