Major Advising Checklist: Environmental Studies—Conservation Biology

Automatic Joint Major:  ESBI-BIOL

All ESBI-BIOL majors should use this form as they plan out the timing of their major coursework.

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Please enter the semester the course was taken or will be taken. For any electives, please also enter the course number.

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I. Core Courses
These four courses must be completed by the end of the junior year.
II. Cognate Courses:Humanities or Social Sciences from Approved List
Students doing environmental science foci need to take two cognates outside of the natural sciences.
Cognate 1
Cognate 2
III. Focus
Course 4: BIOL 0211, MATH 0116, OR PSYC 0201
Courses 5 and 6: Research methods courses
Two research methods courses chosen from BIOL 0302, BIOL 0304, or BIOL 0323
Course 7: Organismal Course
One organismal course chosen from among BIOL 0201, BIOL 0202, BIOL 0203, and BIOL 0310
Course 8 and 9: Biology Electives
Two BIOL electives chosen from the 0200-0700 level (only one of which can be BIOL 0500 or higher). *Note - Winter term courses offered through Biology Department can be used to satisfy one of the elective courses.
IV. Senior Experience
Students must have completed all four core courses before they can enroll in ES 401.
For students studying off-campus, a total of up to three courses may count toward the major. Courses for the focus need approval from the advisor. Courses for cognates need approval from the director in consultation with other appropriate faculty members. Please list each approved off-campus course counting toward your major requirements. Include, course title, the course it is replacing and the semester it was taken.
Student Information
David Allen: Andi Lloyd: Sallie Sheldon: Steve Trombulak: Helen Young:
Please use this space to provide any additional information or explanations for your advisor regarding your major requirement plan.

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