ENAM Senior Thesis Proposal Form

This form asks you to provide us with information concerning your Senior Thesis in English and American Literatures, as well as to express your preference for an advisor for your project.  This form is due on Friday, March 22.

It is expected that all students proposing to write a critical Senior Thesis will have completed the Advanced Seminar, ENAM 4XX, either at Middlebury or abroad, as a prerequisite to the project or will have secured approval for the project from the Department Chair.

All majors who wish to elect a creative Senior Thesis must have completed one 100-level and two 300-level courses in creative writing, and must have received a grade of at least B+ in both of the 300-level courses before undertaking a thesis.  

Note: Students wishing to write an ENAM/FMMC joint creative senior thesis must also take 3 CRWR workshops, and those wishing to write a screenplay for their joint thesis must take specifically FMMC/CRWR 106-Writing for the Screen, and FMMC/CRWR 341-Writing for the Screen II—prior to beginning the thesis. Such projects must be on topics approved by advisors in both departments.

Please either list your second department OR write "N/A" in the box below.
Please list your Junior Seminar information: course, instructor, semester, year taken.
To elect a creative Senior Thesis you must have completed two 300-level courses in creative writing with a grade of at least B+ in both before undertaking your Senior Thesis. Please either list your creative writing classes, instructors and grades OR write "N/A" in the box below.
Please describe your project in 100 words.

Proposed Advisor:

Please take the time to consider which faculty members might be suitable advisers for your project. We will do our best to honor your preferences at the same time as trying to distribute advising fairly across the department.

Joint majors:  You must have one advisor from each department.  Please list your top 3 choices for your ENAM advisor.  You must also contact your other department to inquire about advisor selection in that department.

** It will be helpful as you consider which faculty members to list as potential advisers to look at the fields and topics the faculty members consider themselves best qualified to advise. Remember that your senior work adviser will not necessarily be (and usually is not) the same person as your academic adviser. **

See a list of advisors here: http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/enam/resources/theses/proposal/thesi...