Spring 2020 Creative Writing Application

This is an application form for courses in the Creative Writing Program above the 100 level.  Your application does not guarantee you a place in a course, but we will give it every consideration consistent with guidelines for admission.  These courses are open to all students, but priority goes to ENAM majors who plan to do a Senior CRWR independent project, then to concentrators.

Two 300-level Creative Writing courses are required for CRWR thesis writers before the thesis project is undertaken.

CRWR 370 may be taken more than once.  If you are a freshman, you may not apply for a 300-level writing course unless you have completed a First Year Seminar and completed the prerequisite CRWR course (CRWR 170, 173, 175 or 185).

If you are admitted to the course you will be notified by email;  you must also register for the course through BANNER registration in order to be enrolled.

Applications are due TUESDAY, November 12, 2019.

Choose one. If you are applying for more than one class you will need to fill out a separate form for each. ** CRWR 170, CRWR 173, CRWR 175 or CRWR 185 are prerequisite for the courses listed below. **
Please list your previous Middlebury creative writing course(s), instructor(s), and grade(s); this does not include your Freshman Seminar.
Will you be away next year, or part of next year, in a Middlebury-approved program of study? If yes, please describe briefly.