Field Placement Evaluation

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the following areas regarding your practicum student.

Please comment on how responsible your practicum student was in either being present when expected or letting you know otherwise.
Please comment on your practicum student's communication skills relating to you and other adults in the classroom.
Please comment on how your practicum student interacted with the students.
Please comment on your practicum student's ability to plan and carry out a simple lesson or instructional tasks. (If applicable.)
Please provide feedback on the workshop with Lida Winfield. What did you learn about Arts Integration? What did you learn about yourself as a teacher and as a student?
Please provide feedback about using the Words Come Alive curriculum materials.
List Arts Integration activities or strategies you used in your classroom (during J-term).
This year’s theme was ‘identity.’ How well did this theme work for you and your classroom?
Please provide feedback on the performances on February 2.
This course is a pre-requisite to full-time student teaching next fall. Based on what you observed, do you believe this practicum student is making adequate progress to be ready for student teaching? (If not, please explain)
Do you have any concerns about the practicum student continuing in the education program, or their ability to be a teacher? (If so, please explain)
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