Economics Grader/TA Application

Please complete this application form if you are interested in a grader/TA position in the Economics Department. Student must have completed the course she/he are applying to grade for at the Middlebury main campus with a grade of B+ or higher.  A new application must be completed at the beginning of each semester even if you have graded for the economics department in the past.

Students who accept a position with CTLR as tutors for ECON 0210, ECON 0211 or ECON 0212 may not also accept a grading position for any of these courses.  Likewise, students who accept a position grading for ECON 0210, ECON 0211 or ECON 0212 may not also accept a position with CTLR as a tutor for any of these courses.

Student employees MUST complete the federally required I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form and a W-4 tax withholding form in order to work. Once these forms have been completed and submitted to Student Employment the student will receive a blue employment card indicating that they are eligible to work for the College. Blue cards, once issued, are valid until the student graduates. Students that have NOT received their blue card CANNOT work.

Department of Economics

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